Initial / Routine Treatments

We provide treatment for all members of the family, young and old.

Appointments are approximately 30 minutes.
Upon your initial consultation you will be asked to complete a new patient form which is about you, your medial history, current medication and the problem that brings you to the clinic. Without this information the podiatrist may not be able to assess and diagnose you properly. It is often the small details that complete the puzzle.
Once the podiatrist has reviewed your form, discussed the current problem and carried out initial assessments to establish a diagnosis for your foot problem, an individual management plan will be discussed informing you of the type of treatment and its benefits, the number of appointments required, and any actions required by you, followed by the commencement of treatment.
Please be aware that podiatrists use sharp medical instruments.

Routine/ Follow up appointment

A follow up / routine appointment begins with an update of any changes in your medical history or current foot problem, followed by routine treatment, which may comprise of:

  • Nails cut, reduced and filed

  • Corn enucleation (removal)

  • Callus debridement

  • Application of emollient/ moisturiser

  • Footwear advice

  • Further recommendation​

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